Zapatista Caravan Honors Compañero Galeano, EZLN Martyr Killed by Paramilitaries _video

[youtube][/youtube] Thousands of Zapatistas gathered Saturday to honor their fallen comrade, Galeano, a teacher and an important leader within EZLN’s support base. Alternative media sources like SubVersiones AAC, Radio Pozol, and others were in La Realidad, Chiapas, to cover the event. Subcomandante Marcos said in a statement he will no longer use the name Marcos but instead Subcomandante Galeano, in honor of his fallen comrade. He added Marcos was a character a myth; a hologram. Any hatred and love toward him was pointless: “Quienes amaron y odiaron al #SupMarcos ahora saben que han odiado y amado a un holograma. Sus amores y odios han sido, pues, inútiles, estériles, vacíos, huecos.” See more photos from the Caravana for Galeano. Video via SubVersiones AAC



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